Prožektor – Stairville LED Flood Panel 150 40° RGB

5 eur laos: 8tk

Õhuke LED prožektor. Valgusvihk: 40 kraadi. Valgusallikas: 150x 10mm LEDid.

Stairville LED Flood Panel 150 40 ° RGB, the LED Flood Panel 150 is a very space-saving and efficient LED Floodlight with 150x 10 mm diameter LEDs . The panel can be controlled via DMX and can also operate in standalone mode. The very compact design allows you to place LED Flood Panel 150 almost everywhere where you need something to be illuminated. Through the multi-function mounting bracket the Flood Panel can be mounted both on the ground or hanging up. Technical data: Power supply: AC 240V, 50Hz, max. Power consumption: 18 watts, viewing angle: Set to display the functions and the DMX address, DMX mode, Master / slave mode, auto run mode, sound-to-Light: Dispersion 40 °, DMX input and output: 3 pin XLR, control Mode, Dimensions: 260 x 68 x 210 mm, Weight: 1.8 kg