Kitarrivõimendi – Fender Mustang III V.2

15 eur laos: 1tk

Fender Mustang III V.2 Electric Guitar Combo – 100W, 1x 12″ Celestion G12T-100 Speaker, 8 Ohms. Controls: gain, volume, treble, middle, bass, reverb, master, data wheel, soft keys for amp select, stomp edit, modulation edit, delay edit, reverb edit, utility, save, exit, and tap/tuner.18 amp models: ’57 Deluxe™, 57 Twin and 60s Thrift; ’59 Bassman®, ’57 Champ®, thomann ’65 Deluxe Reverb®, ’65 Princeton® Reverb, ’65 Twin Reverb®, Super-Sonic™, British ’60s, British ’70s, British ’80s, American ’90s, Metal 2000. 7 stomp effects: Overdrive, Fixed Wah, Touch Wah, Fuzz, Fuzz Touch Wah, Compressor, Simple effects including big fuzz, green screamer and intelligent thomann pitch shifting, 11 modulation effects: Sine Chorus, Triangle Chorus, Sine Flanger, Triangle Flanger, Vibratone, Vintage Tremolo, Sine Tremolo, Ring Modulator, Step Filter, Phaser, Pitch Shifter. 9 delay effects: Mono Delay, Mono Echo Filter, Stereo Echo Filter, Multitap Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Ducking thomann Delay, Reverse Delay, Tape Delay, Stereo Tape Delay. 10 reverb effects: Small Hall, Large Hall, Small Room, Large Room, Small Plate, Large Plate, Ambient, Arena, Fender ’63 Spring Reverb, Fender ’65 Spring Reverb. Aux input, headphone output (mini-jack, double jack as speaker emulated thomann line out), speaker emulated USB out. Dimensions: 45.1 x 52.1 x 27.3cm (H x W x D). Weight: 16.3kg. incl. Ableton® Live Lite 8 Fender® Edition studio-quality recordingsoftware compatible with Mustang USB recording output; AmpliTube® Fender® LE edition with free Fender® FUSEeditor/librarian software thomann for Mac and P Includes 2-button footswitch.